All the projects listed here are no longer active and as such all questions or inquiries about them will not be answered.

MegaMan_X's GameBoy ToolKit

The GameBoy ToolKit was to be my all-in-one tool that would have included a win32 version of the following: Advanced GameBoy IDE, PCX2GB and SND2GBW. It would also have a tiles/sprites editor, a maps/levels editor, and even a GB Tracker. However after many years of not working on it, this project fell into oblivion.


Gameboy Toolkit Screenshot


You can see GBTK-converted/compressed roms in my DemoCarts section.

Download GameBoy ToolKit preview v0.013a now! [ZIP 297 KB]

Advanced GameBoy IDE

Advanced GameBoy IDE is a good editor/assembler for thoses used to work with a Borland-style interface with real-time colored-syntax editing.


Advanced GameBoy IDE Screenshot


Download Advanced GameBoy IDE v0.70b now! [ZIP 49K]

Advanced PCX2GB


Original JPG image

Converted GameBoy image

Download this demo cart now! [ZIP 5K]
(This demo cart works on a real GameBoy and most emulators)
(example cart is based on converter v2.11, not v2.14)

Download Advanced PCX to GameBoy Converter v2.15 now! [ZIP 11.1 KB]

MegaMan_X's GameBoy Wave Converter


Download GameBoy Wave Converter v1.0 now! [ZIP 11K]



GameBoy demo (PCBoy screenshot)

PCBoy running a small demo I made with my own assembler, Advanced GameBoy IDE.

PCBoy running a picture scroller I coded (believe it or not) directly with an Hex editor (the program, not the picture!).

In case you're wondering who's the lady, it's Kasumi Tendo, from Ranma ½.

Picture of Kasumi from RanMa ½ (PCBoy screenshot)

Demo ROM Files


Pictures slideshow
32 KB cart
(ZIP File 14 KB)


Digital Audio
512 KB cart
(ZIP File 244 KB)


Movie playback
512 KB cart
(ZIP File 178 KB)

The Matrix

GBTK Video
1024 KB cart
(ZIP 374 KB)


GBTK Video
2048 KB cart
(ZIP 1035 KB)

Terminator 2

GBTK Video
1024 KB cart
(ZIP 342 KB)


7-shades picture on GameBoy/Pocket
32 KB cart,
(ZIP 5 KB)




Other stuff

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